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Dramatic Performance

By Glen Swanson, Drama Club Chair

In last month’s Village View, Rob Zitsman stated that “participation in activities may be just as important to your physical and mental health as diet and exercise.” As Director of the UVTO Drama Club, I agree. Enhanced quality of life is a distinctive benefit of participation in the Arts. The process of creating is transformational for both our members as well as for the UVTO residents who attend our productions. We share a love of theater and no matter what our past experience level, we find delight in performing for our wonderful and appreciative residents at UVTO.

As a vehicle for our twice yearly productions, we have chosen the recreation of famous Radio Dramas from the Golden Age of Radio. Radio Drama frees our performers from the physical limitations of conventional theater… no elaborate sets, no make-up, no costumes, no props and no memorizing lines. Only a script and the imagination are required as our voices are the primary tools for interpreting the emotions, beliefs and attitudes of the written material making it come alive and letting the imagination soar.

So, join our players on June 2nd for our next production… “You Can’t Take It With You ,” as were create the original Lux Radio Theater script based on Frank Capra’s award-winning motion picture. Let your imagination soar! See you soon.