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The UVTO Resident Council

By Don Cameron

University Village residents convey their concerns and interests to management and the owners by a Resident Council and a series of eight committees that report to the Council. The Council consists of nine members who are residents of the community. Either four or five residents are elected each year to two year terms and in January every year the members elect their officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Other members have several responsibilities, including serving as liaison to the eight standing committees.

The Resident Council handles issues that affect the entire community and fall outside the responsibility of any committee, as well as addressing policy items that are forwarded from the committees. One important role for Resident Council is raising funds for the Employee Appreciation Fund, which allows residents to express their appreciation for the many services provided by staff. The Resident Council meets monthly; all meetings are open to any resident.

The eight standing committees are Activities; Bereavement; Budget and Finance; Food and Beverage; Health and Wellness; Hospitality; Library and Safety and Security. Each year, residents can submit an application for membership on a committee; current members of the committee select new members from those who have applied. Usually, a Director representing management meets with the committee and responds as appropriate to the concerns expressed by committee members. Unless policy issues are involved, matters are often resolved at the committee level by actions that are mutually acceptable to the committee and the appropriate Director.

Another opportunity for residents to express their concerns is the monthly meetings of the Building Representatives. The University Village campus is divided into 19 geographical areas, each representing about 20 – 25 residents. That group of residents elects its building representative and alternate, who meet monthly with representatives of management to discuss issues regarding facilities, landscaping and related matters.

In addition to the groups listed above, a series of clubs including the Excursion Club, the Art Guild, the “Lets Eat Out” group, the Garden Club, Patriotic Events group and Cal Lutheran University relations provide other opportunities for residents to become involved in the life of our community.

Residents wishing to learn more about the Resident Council or the various committees and clubs should attend a meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, August 10 in the Balboa Room. Executive Director Rob Zitsman, former Resident Council Chair Ginger Detterman and current Resident Council Chair Bob Ring will discuss the importance of resident participation in the various opportunities at University Village. Residents considering possible candidacy for one of the five available positions on Resident Council later this year are especially invited to attend.