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University Village’s Safety Department

safetyThe Safety Department consists of 11 safety officers staffing the kiosk 24/7 365 days a year. Shifts are divided into three; Day shift 7a.m.-3p.m., Swing shift 3 p.m.-11p.m and Night shift 11p.m.-7a.m. They are led by Director Anthony Arellanes and Safety Supervisor Joey Gaal. Top priorities of duty for the Safety Department are staffing the main gate, kiosk operations and responses to pendant alarms in conjunction with Resident Services staff. The main gate kiosk houses critical infrastructure alerts such as pendant alarms, fire alarms, campus radio traffic, campus cameras and access control to the Commons, entrance gates and apartment building entrances including OakView.

safetySome of the duties of the Safety officers include campus patrols, granting access to the campus for visitors, guests and vendors, parking enforcement, staff in service training and testing of building fire protection systems including OakView Health Center. A pendant activation by a resident on campus triggers an alert in the kiosk identifying the resident unit and triangulating to the nearest zone or location of the pendant, prompting a radio dispatch to both Resident Services and Safety officers. It is highly encouraged for each resident to always have their pendant on their person as incidents, however unfortunate, are rarely predictable. Residents have been known to press their own pendants after witnessing a fellow resident in need.

Daily, at 10 a.m. the Safety kiosk begins the important task of reconciling all resident door checks. Should a front door register as not opened after 10 a.m. and the resident has not placed notification of a vacation, staff will first telephone the unit attempting to make verbal contact utilizing the overhead speaker as well. Safety will then contact Reception and Resident Services in an attempt to verify witness of the resident. In the event no contact or witnessed verification is received, a minimum of two staff members will be sent to enter the unit to verify no resident is inside. A note of visitation will be left in the residence should that take place. Safety collaborates with each department in the community in some way as a result of a planned activity, in-service training, a request for service either emergent or routine or regulatory compliance.

safetySafety and security for the entire community are the core values of the safety department; safety officers provide this through training and education both formal and on the job, adherence to policy, good judgment, critical thinking and attention to detail. Each team member is also expected to embody the STAR core values of Continuing Life; Service to residents and colleagues, Team success, Aim for excellence and do the Right thing- always. Do not hesitate to stop by the Safety Director’s office located across from the Laguna Room, second floor of the Commons building or the main gate kiosk should you have any questions for any staff member.